Thursday, October 27, 2011

We all Need Some Time to Ourselves to either Meditate or do Some Yoga to Relax!

The minute you slip this calming,
"There's no place like Ommmmm", Ladies meditation and well being tee shirt over your head you will feel more relaxed and ready for your yoga workout. A fantastic choice for your yoga workout sessions and a great gift idea for a friend who is practicing this ancient form of exercise and healthful workout routine. Like Dorothy says..."there's no place like Ommmmm"

Aum may be sounded aloud, whispered, or repeated mentally. The correct pronunciation of aum is to pronounce it om so it rhymes with home. By chanting aum aloud for ten minutes, then chant aum in a whisper for the next ten minutes, and then mentally chant aum for ten minutes. Finally, be still and meditate on the spiritual eye (the point between your eyebrows). Surrender into the vibrations of aum. "Feel your awareness expanding still further into the field of pure consciousness, become one with om." A meditation tee for girls who enjoy their yoga workouts and like to have nice things to wear for their sessions.

We have yoga teachers offering these "there's no place like Ommmmm" t-shirts to their students at their yoga class sign-ups.

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