Monday, August 26, 2013

Funny Saying T-Shirts | Boomer Women Ts Old Age Retiring Retirement Menopause Tees Aging Hippie Ts, Hippie Chick Ts

I'm not old I'm a recycled teenager Boomer Retirement T-Shirt

I'm not old I'm a recycled teenager | Funny Boomer Retirement T-Shirt for women who refuse to get old and love life, a great gift for a aging hippy who wants to be a teenager forever. If you still like to party like you did years ago you may just be a recycled teenager. A funny message t-shirt for women who don't add up their years, they would rather just live forever young.

I didn't retire, I SURRENDERED Shirt Sayings Top

A ladies retirement tee shirt top from Flirty Diva Tees. If you're looking for gag gift ideas, funny slogan tee shirts our boutique tee shirt shop offers this funny tee shirt top, I Didn't Retire, I SURRENDERED it makes a great "send off" gift to anyone who you know has put in the hours over her lifetime. The women who is presented with this send off gift will absolutely love it!

I see no good reason to act my age Boomer Retirement TShirt

A Boomer Lady's Retirement Gag Gift T Shirt, Funny Retiring tee. I see no good reason to act my age, is a fun shirt for anyone who doesn't play the numbers game, age doesn't matter, it's how you feel not the number of the year you were born.

Funny Saying T-Shirts | Boomer Women Ts Old Age Retiring Retirement Menopause Tees Aging Hippie Ts, Hippie Chick Ts

They say that getting older has it's rewards.
That may be true, but it's a down hill slide unless you put some humor in the mix.

Our aging hippie ts, boomer lady ts, retirement t-shirts we offer at FlirtyDivaTees will have the aging population smiling and feeling happy. Our retiree and retirement ts poke fun at retiring and getting older. They are sure to be a laugh and a half at any retirement party for a woman. Hot flashes, menopause ts and boomer aged women ts. These seem to somehow go together!

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Aging Hippie women love funny Ts and they love to poke fun at getting older, (at least the ladies with a sense of humor.) FlirtyDivaTees are just plain fun to wear! If you know someone in this age range, they will love receiving a funny message t-shirt from our collection of boomer retiring aged t shirts, they're just for boomer women and retiring ladies!

They make great gifts for the women you know who are self proclaimed "ex-hippies, 60's chicks, aging hippies," and women who have hot flashes, outrageous, unique, fun loving women!

Are you one of these ladies? Do you know someone who is?

If you love having a laugh, you'll enjoy these Ts with funny retirement sayings and they make great gag gifts too.

We have women who buy an assortment of our Ts and off they go to their wacky weekends away with their best girlfriends, they hand out the tees for every lady on the trip. That and a case or two of good wine in the trunk and you'll have a weekend to remember till you're dead! Retired and boomer age women know how to have fun! Laughter gets you through anything! Look through our selections for the perfect funny gift for a retiring boomer lady.

You'll love a retirement t-shirt from FlirtyDivaTees!