Sunday, February 27, 2011

FlirtyDivaTees Online T-Shirt SuperStore Jumps In With The Big Guys Zazzle,Customized Girl,SnorgTees a T-Shirt Superstore, Exclusively for Women, Brands it's Name, jumps in with the Big Players. FlirtyDivaTees recently hit the Best Seller List in the Niche Market of Women's Feminine Fitting Fashionable High Quality Message Tees.


PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 26, 2011
– Many producers of T-Shirts compete for placement in the ever flooded T Shirt market online. FlirtyDivaTees has managed to command 1st place in Google and Yahoo and Bing in numerous categories with their witty, clever, funny,classy, just for women sayings and message T-Shirts.
There is a difference with the shirts offered to women at this website they aren't competing with cheap clip art, silk screened purveyors. They have notched a higher placement in the category of "Classy Women's Apparel." Flirty Diva Tees has taken the message T-Shirt to a "Classy Club Level of Flirty Apparel", offering women highly designed artistic lettering message tees suitable to look extremely fashionable when going to clubs and social events where looking good is essential. Cheap Clip Art is not included on T-Shirts from Flirty Diva Tees.

These T-Shirts are high quality productions done with a vinyl heat
bonding process that produces a much better overall product for the ever discerning female consumer who is shopping online for high quality goods.

Other T-Shirt factories bang-out cheap silk screened offerings but they hardly compare. The design aspects of each saying tee and the high quality organically dyed shirts they are producing their messages on, make FlirtyDivaTees an obvious leader in flirty apparel for women. The market is glutted with man tees, but FlirtyDivaTees doesn't try to compete, nor does it want to compete with online sales of t shirts to men. They are happy to stay in the niche market offering an exclusive shopping experience to just women.

This is the place to visit for exclusive Just for Women Classy Club Wear T-Shirts.

All they sell are Tees for women with flirty sayings, cougar women Tees, single women Tees, meaningful mom sayings Tees, retirement and boomer women Tees and Tees for breast cancer walks are among the many categories for women of any age.

This company also goes the extra mile with quality customer service- each T- Shirt arrives gift wrapped (who does that anymore?) and all for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

SPECIAL T-SHIRT CUSTOMIZING is SUPER EASY at this website with their easy T-Shirt Template and affordable too!

They also lead the way with color options, sizes, and they offer them all to women of all sizes including PLUS SIZES.

After such a successful year, growing sales, and huge popularity it's increasingly obvious women have discovered this great T-Shirt Superstore, with Saying Tees for the average women of any age who just want to enjoy wearing a meaningful Funny, or Spiritual T Shirt or stepping out for a fun evening in a Flirty Sexy Club Tee for a night of fun and connecting with men or just having fun with their girl pals.

To visit this website to see what all the fuss is about!