Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girl's and Women's Attitude and Moody T-Shirts at Flirty Diva Tees

"It's not my problem"  T-Shirt
Do you have an attitude and/or some issues to express? Our ladies tee shirts with attitude messages and quotes will help you to express in words, what kind of mood you are in. Our girls t shirts with an attitude sayings, are for women who are looking for bad moody t shirt tees to express their bad mood feelings. Flirty Diva Tees has a nice selection of t shirt quotes, cool tee shirts, 100% cotton tee shirts, choose a plain white tee shirt, black t shirt or choose from our many color selections too.

"Woke up Pissed Off" T-Shirt
Our girls t-shirts with attitude sayings and slogan tee shirts will help to express what your moody attitude issues are.
Slogan tee shirts with attitude sayings and messages, ladies tee shirts for expressing moods. We sell t shirt quotes and sayings tees to help you with your bitchy girl problems & issues. Choose a few funny tee shirts from this attitude t-shirt category of crazy shirts, comic T-Shirts. Express yourself with slogan tee shirts and saying tees and t-shirts with words.

"I'm not anti-Social I'm just not user friendly"
 Our moody girls t-shirt hell tees with bitchy moody messages will help you express yourself. Sayings t-shirts for girls with an attitude. Sayings tees are available in all sizes from small to 2XL plus size.

We offer our t-shirts with words in a variety of nice color combinations too. You won't be unhappy with the quality either, you'll cheer up when your moody girl message t shirt from Flirty DivaTees arrives in the mail, we send them gift wrapped in a pretty bag with ribbons. Our moody women's attitude messages and sayings t shirts and moody girls t shirt hell message t shirts make great gifts for every moody bitchy girl on your gift list.

*Our girls t shirts, bitchy t shirt hell message tees and moody message tees really make great gifts!

•They're 100% cotton, so soft, so sexy, and so bitchy and moody!

*The quality is far better than screen printed tees, we produce the words on our bitchy moody t shirt hell tees with a super soft vinyl process, the lettering on our sayings t-shirts never fade or crack.

•We guarantee it and we guarantee you will enjoy wearing your bitchy moody sayings, t shirt hell message t shirts, shirt sayings and bad t shirt hell message t shirts with words!

•This is your T superstore for expressive clothing t shirt ideas with moody t shirt hell messages for women only.

So, Come on and Checkout the Large Assortment of T-Shirts

Walk for the Cure T-Shirts

"5 Years Clear and I'm still here" TEE

"Boob, Boob, Boobin'
Along for the Cure" T-shirt

"Walking my "girls" for a cure" TEE
 We have funny, and heartfelt messages for Pink Ribbon Walk for the Cure T-shirt events, Walk message tees for women and girls.

Enjoy choosing a unique and funny message t shirt from this category of Women's Breast Cancer Message T-Shirts to wear as you walk in Pink Ribbon Events.

Our funny message tees with words for Breast Cancer Events & Pink Ribbon Walks are meant to lift the spirits of the walkers along the way.

Women's and girls walk for the cure message t-shirts are laugh out loud funny, and some in this Breast Cancer Walk category have remembrances of special people you want to honor on your Ribbon Event Walk with expressive messages t shirt. Women's Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Message Tees for all of your Walk For The Cure Events.

•Order now for your next Pink Ribbon Event.

•Pink Ribbon Message Tees make great gifts too!

•They're 100% cotton, so soft, so sexy.

•The quality is far better than screen printed tees, we produce the words on our feminine fitting message tees with a super soft vinyl process, the lettering never fades or cracks. We guarantee it!

 •This is your T superstore for expressive Walk For The Cure/Breast Cancer Events message t-shirt clothing with fun, heartfelt messages for women and girls only at

•Discounted Bulk order pricing available for 15 or more tees. See our shipping section for details!

  • If you do not see a T-Shirt with the words you would like to express then "Customize" a Tee just for you!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women's Military Message T-Shirts at Flirty Diva Tees

For wives, moms, sisters, grandmas, and girlfriends who love someone in the military. Our Military Women's Message t-shirts honor the men and women who are serving the country. A great way for you to show your support of our troops.

Check out some of the T-Shirts that Flirty Diva Tees has to offer you. If you do not see a tee that fits what you want to say, then "CUSTOMIZED" a tee to say what you want to say.

"my daughter wears combat boots in the US army"

"My Heart belongs to an Air Force Guy"
So many more Tees to show your support for our Military Men and Women are available at Flirty Diva Tees.


Buy 3 or more tees and receive free shipping and a special bonus at checkout. Just enter MINDY as your coupon code and you will receive $5.00 off of your order! Mix and Match Tees! Order with friends to receive this special deal!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cougar's Time to Purchase Some Tees! So Many Different Tees!

Ladies the weather is getting nice and warm and it is now time to plan the vacations, parties, and other fun events. Bars will be packed and you need to let the whole world that you are a "COUGAR".

Flirty Diva Tees offers you ladies a large variety of "Cougar" word T-Shirts! The Tees come in many different colors. And if you do not find your words on a "Cougar", then "Customize" a tee to your liking! 

Here are just a few of Flirty Diva Cougar Tees:

"Jersey Girl Cougar"

"Cougar Candy"
So head on over to and get yourself and your friends some tees!

Free Shipping When you order 3 tees or more. Tees are now at lower prices.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are You a Horse Lover? Flirty Diva Tees Has Something to Offer You!

"Still Plays with Horses"

"My HORSE ate my paycheck"

"Love Me, Love My Horse"

"I do whatever my horse tells me to"
Here are some of the T-Shirts that Flirty Diva Tees has for all you "Horse Lovers" if not for you, then for someone you know that is. These make great gifts! If these are not the words you would like to say then have Flirty Diva Tees "Customize" a Tee just for you!

Flirty Diva Tees also Offers Free Shipping When you order 3 or more tees.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flirty Diva Tees - Tees For Women and Girls - is always creating new word Tees

You must keep checking back everyday, because Flirty Diva Tees is always adding new word tees that might be to your liking. If you still cannot find the "words" you are looking for then remember you can always "Customize" a tee just for you.

"ignore your rights and they will go away"

" facing my fears"

"Yes they are No you Can't"

Free Shipping When you order 3 or more Tees! Free Gift Wrapping!

Friday, May 13, 2011

And Why Did Linda Go to California?

Cute Little Jack being Jack! At his age he can do what he wants!
To see jack of Course! Jack is saying bye or hi!

Linda Does California!!!

Me and Mom at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Me and Mom at Cresent Bay

This is me (Linda) in California, Lucy the poodle in the background! Courtney's backyard

Guest Blog Interview with Linda Boyer, Owner of "Flirty Diva Tees" - T-Shirts for Women and Girls

1)Linda - What lead to the start of your business Flirty Diva Tees?

It really started as a small craft booth at local craft fairs, we created a little selection of funny message t-shirts, thinking it would go over locally. It was a HIT! We sold out!

The next craft fair we made twice as many and by the end of that day we were taking orders because we sold out of all of them.

The Business just kind of multiplied year after year, the more women would wear the shirts, more people saw them and wanted to know where they got their funny saying T-shirt.

We didn't have our name, exactly, we just called them Flirty Girl Tee Shirts. By about the 8th craft fair, loyal customers wanted to know if we could mail them as gifts to some of their out of town friends and if we had a website.

We gave it some thought (about 5 minutes worth) and decided it could be time to try our luck at online marketing! Knowing NOTHING about website design, we had a company design our website and well...the rest is history. We decided on the name

2)What are some of the things that make Flirty Diva Tees stand out from all the rest?

We like to think it is all of our clever flirty sayings that are created with stylized type faces. We purposely don't include cheap decals or awful clip art. We really sell an entirely different product than our competition. Higher quality and text based, feminine apparel. I think it is also our attention to customer service too, we know that it is our loyal returning customers that is what makes this business successful and continues to grow.

We also have the best selection of flirty saying t-shirts on the Internet (450 and creating more everyday) and we sell to women and girls exclusively. The vast majority of t-shirt companies online are selling baggy loose fitting very unflattering MENS T-shirts that are decal versions for mostly men, women can buy them, (but why would they?) Women look about as sexy as a sumo wrestler in them. We researched the different shirts and came up with the two styles that we feel are the best to offer, one is the fitted tee and the other is a feminine women's box cut t-shirt, both are 100% cotton and made very well.

The big difference between us and our competition is we create our shirts when the customer places the order, our customers are getting a really high quality flattering feminine fitting t-shirt that hasn't been sitting in some dusty warehouse. They aren't a screen printed t shirt, we use a much better process, the colors don't fade, crack or peal off, the shirt will last and stay bright and new. Some of our customers are still wearing a t-shirt they bought in 2006 and they tell us it looks as good as when they bought it.

We have lots of color options, all sizes including plus sizes. We send them to our customers in a gift bag with ribbons. Buy 3 or more tees and get free shipping. Mix and match with your friends.
3) I see that you have so many different Word Tees and now you are carrying Word Hoodies (great idea), if someone does not see the wording that they would like to express can they "customize" a tee just for them, give as a gift, etc?

Yes, we also will create custom tees if you would like to think up a funny saying, we can get it on a t-shirt for you or we can put any saying you see in our website or that you think up your own. We will put it on a comfy cozy extremely nice quality hoodie too.

4) Do your offer special pricing for group orders? For example, bowling teams, say I am participating in a "Walk for the Cure" with a team, funny exercise and fitness T-Shirts, and the list can go on. Can you do something like this for these people?

Sure, we offer a 10% discount to customers who place an order for 10 or more tees, they just need to call us at 540-439-2020 for the coupon code before they place the order. Bowling teams especially like to order a funny "team" tees.

5) So, Linda you must have a few Tee's that are your favorites, what are they?

That depends on what kind of mood I'm in, if I am feeling spiritual, I love the "Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

But if you catch me in a funny mood I would choose the t-shirt that says: "Tequila makes my clothes fall off!"


(I'm not saying I'd be brave enough to wear this one, but it is a very popular tee) The: "Rub for Luck" tee shirt is a flirty tee for fun loving flirty girls out there who are planning a beach vacation and they want to gather a little attention around themselves.

Mom's really like the: "You Can't Scare Me I Have Kids"

Women also really like the Well La De Frickin' Da T-Shirt, when we were selling at craft fairs we sold so many of them, and women would come up to us and say, there is a lady walking around the fair with a t-shirt that says "Well La De Frickin' Da", and she said she bought it here. "Where are they and how can I get one?"

We also have some really popular "Hobby Tees" and "Country Girl" t shirts. One of my favorites is: "My horse ate my paycheck". Girls who spend all their time and cash on their horse love to wear this tee.

There are so many that are my favorites, I just love the tee shirts that we offer! They're my passion!

The rest of the questions lets you to know more about the Owner of Flirty diva Tees, Linda Boyer.

6)What is the last trip you took? Do you have any photos from your trip?

Flew out to California to see my daughter. Took my mom and my sister out there with me. We had a great time, I love California, and hope to someday have a house out there. Pictures will follow.

7)Do you have any hobbies or something special you like to do when not working?

I love to be creative and that takes many different forms, I enjoy quilting, I love to garden (just put in my crop of vegetables), I enjoy painting in watercolor, I enjoy sailing on our sail boat. I have a great husband and family and some great friends. I enjoy hanging out with them and I love running my business.

8) Any movies or books that stand out for you?

The movie that always cheers me up is "What About Bob" I just could watch that movie any old time.

Wayne Dyer is my man I get what he says and I apply his thinking to my life, and my life just gets better everyday.

The many books by Wayne Dyer.

9)Seafood or Steak?

I prefer both (surf and turf) with a delicious glass of wine and cheesecake with good coffee for dessert!

10) Favorite Holiday? Any special family traditions that you enjoy?

I have a great family, we enjoy all the holidays and we celebrate any accomplishments anyone in the family happens to have, any excuse to be together, we plan a meal and support each other. Family vacations, and Christmas is wonderful, Thanksgiving is's all fun.

11) If you could go to any part of the world where would that be?

A 1 year world tour, but I'll have to sell a lot of tee shirts to afford that! Lol!

12) Anything else you would like to add?

Life is meant to be an adventure.

Everyday you are either growing into more or retreating into less.

I prefer to approach life with a positive attitude and see the positive side of my life. I love to accomplish a goal I enjoy creating something that people clearly enjoy.

If people want to discourage you with your dreams, It's only because they don't dream as big as you.

Thank you Linda for the above information and wish you the best with your business. I know I love all your tees!

Remember, All you Women and Girls, when looking to add to your T-Shirt Collection, Special Gift for a Friend just head on Over to:

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I hope all you MOMS were treated like QUEENS today and were able to take the day off to do as you please.

Now, maybe you have sometime to take a look at a few of the T-Shirts that FLIRTY DIVA TEES has to OFFER for MOMS. Perfect Sayings so you do not have to say anything. Just let your TEE
speak for you!

These are just a few T-Shirts that Flirty Diva Tees has for MOMS. Oh yes how could I forget there are also plenty of TEES for MOMS-TO-BE! We cannot leave them out.

Flirty Diva Tees offers free SHIPPING with an order of 3 tees or more and Gift Wrapping!

"Kids, you crack me up" T-Shirt

"A Lucky Mom" Tee

Do not forget that is only a small portion of the T-SHIRTS that Flirty Diva Tees Offers!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Boomers Wear Tees Too! Why Not?

So, it is almost summer and time to get ready with some new T-Shirts. Why not have some fun with some of the below choices? Plenty of options for "Boomers" available. Whether for you as a gift for a friend. If you do not see a tee that has the words you truly would like to wear then why not have Flirty Diva Tees "Customize "a Tee Just for You?

"I don't have HOT FLASHES they're power surges" -Oh yes, those "HOT FLASHES"!

"When I die the dog gets everything" - Why not, who has been by your side the most? LOL!
There is also a Tee for Cat Lovers!

"I did't retire I surrendered" -Hmm! No Comment!
Tee speaks for itself!

"Well La De FrickIn' Da" - No comment needed!

Flirty Diva Tees are made for Women and Girls!

Free Shipping on Orders of 3 or More Tees!

Free Gift Wrapping!

Check out and see for yourself what they have to offer!