Monday, October 17, 2011

Special Post for Cancer Awareness Month -How do I cope with my Rare form of Cancer? By Author Nancy Mura

In 2003 when I was first told the cancer had returned and was now living in my lungs, I reacted like any normal person would when they hear this news. How serious is it? What can I do to stop the growth of the tumors? How long do I have to live? All of these questions swirled around in my mind. I was terrified. The oncologist told me what treatments were available and assured me they would do everything possible to help me cope with my cancer and through medical studies new alternatives would possibly be available in a few years.

I was still stunned after I left the hospital at the news involving the parotid-tumors now called (ex-plemorphic adenoma) that metastasis to my lungs and now malignant. Two of my very close friends were with me and I know they also were stunned at the news. We had the same thought. All the radiation that was performed back in 1997 on my face we thought had stopped the tumors from growing. My friends kept assuring me about all the new treatments available, and I would be okay.

Over the next several days I was still numb, negative thoughts were swirling around in my mind what was going to happen and the big question HOW LONG would I be here?

I always liked driving to different places and enjoy the scenery. One of my favorite stops was at Lake Ontario Charlotte Beach Park. I enjoyed being around the water and find walking along the pier and shore line very calming and peaceful. Many times over the years I have done this and sorted out problems in my life that needed to be addressed and solved. Today was no exception but more challenging then previous problems.

I sat down on a bench facing the lake and watch the water as it flowed onto the shore thinking what to do about my cancer. I sat there for quite awhile tears streaming down my face and wondering how long I really had left to live and what preparations I had to make.

As I continued to sit there I started to get angry at myself and this cancer disease which invaded my life. It was time to take on this monster and not let it ruin what life I had left. That was seven years ago. I don’t worry about what might happen down the road. I have accepted the fact that I have a rare cancer.

There are days the side effects from the medication I am taking slow me down. But on the good days, I walk my two adorable dogs, water walk in a pool, ride my bicycle and enjoy the beauty of the nature around us. I love to make people laugh and enjoy being with all the wonderful friends and family I have in my life. I’m always interested in meeting new people, listening to their stories about life challenges and overcoming them. Just to enjoy the simplicity of what life offers gets me through each day.

NO, NO, I will not let this monster destroy me. God in his own time will tell me when it is time to go home.

That is how I deal with my cancer every day!


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