Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some of My Favorite Tees I have Purchased at Flirty Diva Tees - Testimonial from Sue Dickson

I am a constant buyer from Flirty Diva Tees for me and as gifts for friends. I just love the words tees and I also like the fact that I can even have Flirty Diva Tees, "CUSTOMIZED" a tee with the words I want to wear. They are the only T-Shirts that I have purchased that does not fade, no matter how many times you was them.

The reason I contacted Linda Boyer at Flirty Diva Tees was because, I just wanted to know that their customer service is the best and their Tees are even better.

Keep up the Great Work!

Sue Dickson

"It's so cute how you think I'm listening to you"

"Well La De Frickin'Da"

"Be nice or leave"

"it's not my problem so go away"

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