Friday, January 27, 2012

Country T Shirts for Southern Gals and Western Women at Flirty Diva Tees


"Kiss My Country Ass"
Must I say More???
"Sweet southern girl"
Born in the South, and country raised, sweet southern country cowgirls t shirt for country girls who are proud to be a southern country girl.

"Chick from FarmVille"
Do you love FARMVILLE? When you're a Chick from FarmVille USA be proud! Cowgirls, Country Gals are proud of where they come from.

"Farm Girl Tuff"
Girls and Women from the farm grow up being able to do what most city girls couldn't even imagine. If you're a tough "Tuff" girl who's grown up in the country, show it off with this "Farm Girl Tuff" Country Tee for Girls.

."chick with a Bitchin' Hot Truck"
Do you love your Bitchin' Hot Truck, more than life itself? You may want to pick up this cute Country Tee, "Chick With A Bitchin' Hot Truck" Tee Shirt in honor of your Bitchin' Hot Truck, and your country style, put it on to cruise around.