Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get Yourself or Get Someone else a "Naughty Santa" Tee at Firty Diva Tees

Why not have some fun over the Holiday Season? Wear them  to parties or when you are spending fun time with your friends and family. Or buy them for a gift! Have a laugh! have some fun!
"It's too late to be good I'm going to bad"
"It's Too Late To Be Good So I'm Going To Be Bad" t-shirt is a fun tee you will enjoy wearing before, during and after Christmas. A fun holiday shirt that belongs in every bad girl's wardrobe.

"Santa's Bitch"
"Santa's Bitch" is a super selling fun tee for women everywhere. It's surprising how many "Santa's Bitches" are out there. They love it and you will too.

"Jingle My Bells"

"Jingle My Bells" sexy women's t-shirt. It's hot it's suggestive and YOU WILL GET ATTENTION when you put this on and go out to a holiday party or club. Holiday parties around Christmas time deserve a sexy women's t-shirt all it's own. Choose this one for some holiday attention at your Christmas parties! We guarantee it will bring a lot of attention your way.

These are just a few Holiday Tees available at Flirty Diva Tees!

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