Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mom State of Mind - Flirty Diva Review and Giveaway

As a plus size mommy I have a hard time finding "cute" "funny" t-shirts that fit me and then I get all frustrated and mad! Well, I recently came across Flirty Diva Tees. They are designed by women and everything they sell is "Just for Women." No Men Tees!! Let me tell you about them.

About Flirty Diva Tees:
From the website-

"Our flirty clothing is made with a different process than other warehouses selling online. They make their
stuff with a screen printing process using thick (environmentally awful) paints and they produce them on baggy ill-fitting t-shirts. Our 100% cotton tops are not produced that way. The words are created with a super soft lettering application that is applied to the shirt with a heat bonding process. We've chosen the best soft, sexy, classy feminine fitting high quality earth friendly t-shirts available. Most are organically dyed. The images on our shirts DO NOT fade, crack, wear-out or fall off. OUR SHIRTS ARE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED! When you buy a FlirtyDivaTee you are getting the best in quality shirt and the best process available to create the words and graphics. We know that you will enjoy wearing your FlirtyDivaTees for years!

We began selling our FlirtyDiva clothing at local craft shows in 2006. Many customers came back every time we set up our FlirtyDivaTees booth. They enjoyed all the attention they received when they wore a FlirtyDiva t-shirts. Numerous customers have been collecting their favorite FlirtyDivaTees for years, each time they returned for another one they would say, "they're addicting, I love the attention!" Our returning customers asked if we would be able to ship them and if we had a website.

When you order a tee shirt from you are also helping a very good cause. We contribute 5% of each sale to FINCA. This is the Foundation for International Community Assistance. They set up village banks in developing countries giving small business loans, starting from just $50, to poor women, some living on just $1 a day. This enables them to start successful businesses in the villages where they live and raise their children. Thanks to these small loans they are able to lift themselves and their families from a life of oppressive poverty. It is an empowering thing to be able to make such a difference in another woman's life and we are happy to do that with your help and support each time you place an order here at THANKYOU. We're sure that the women who benefit from these donations, if they could meet you personally, would say thank you for helping them to have a better, more hopeful life!In doing this, we feel this website clearly has a mission. Our mission is to support each other as women.

Flirty Diva Tees have a great selection of tees to choose from, like, Womens Funny Tees, Cougar T's, and Mom T's. In addition to the popular mom category they also have a very cute addition to the website called sweetiepietees, for little girls. They have so many categories you would find a tee that you loved!

Flirty Diva Teesallowed me to pick a t-shirt out to review, I chose, "I'm kind of a big deal" tee in size 2XL, Color Black, Text Yellow. The sizing chart is great if your not sure about what size you should get.

I LOVE my tee that I received!! It fits in my bust and in my arms, its not too tight, and its very soft!
Flirty Diva Tees was a great company to work with and they provided awesome customer service. I received my t-shirt in a matter of days from the time I placed my order. It came in a very pretty bag too.

They offer Free Shipping with no minimum and offer weekly giveaways on their website. I would purchase t-shirts again from Flirty Diva Tees in the future! The prices are very reasonable too!