Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Courage" Word T-Shirts for your Recovery

Courage Word T-Shirts are T-shirts to wear while you are facing your treatments. When faced with a challenge, they can either crumble from the news or they can stand tall and choose to fight and be strong and courageous.

Our customers have given us such great feedback on this selection of Courage and Strength word T-Shirts with thoughtful words & thoughts.

We get the nicest emails from courageous women all across the country that are wearing our courage and strength word tees when they go to treatment, they love to wear their favorite Courage T-shirt with recovery words and thoughts from flirtydivatees.

Our category of Courage and Strength word T-Shirts are for women in medical treatment.

Our encouraging thoughts just seem to make our customers happy when they wear them, & they really enjoy the comments from nurses and the hospital staff.

Nurses also enjoy this category. They say it really helps to lift the spirits with a Courage T-Shirts with empowering words.

We hope you find courage with our inspiring T-Shirts, to win that fight. You didn't choose it but what you need now is strength and Courage to keep on with the fight for full recovery and optimum health.

We can't begin to know how you are feeling right now, but we do hope that our Courage and Strength T-Shirts with words of encouragement will give you a little "lift to your spirit" when you wear them as you continue with your treatments.

* If you are ill or injured or have a chronic medical condition, we hope you will achieve maximum healing & don't you stop till you get it.

*Be blessed with optimum health and fitness.